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What We Do

Centum offer the following services to clients:

  • Large volumes of skilled workers
  • Screening, testing and administrative processes to make sure appropriate labour is provided
  • Suitably qualified and experienced supervisors to manage labour and projects
  • Fully-managed logistics and welfare services: A serious professional labour supplier who will deal with all out-of-work matters such as travel, accommodation, etc
  • Large and efficient mobilisation of labour globally
  • Timesheet system- we help ourselves and our clients manage cost and working time, with easy-to-follow and transparent records
  • Fiscal and regulatory affairs: tax compliance in local markets and jurisdictions
  • Flexibility to work within our clients’ requirements

At Centum we work with our clients to help them deliver their projects in on time and on budget. We know that a profitable client will continue to use our services going forward, this is why we work so hard to retain our clients and build relationships with them.